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Who is this girl?

Hi! My name is Marina Boldrini Rivelis. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Italian and Spanish grandparents (you get the idea that this mix turned into a whole lotta craziness lol). I currently live in Lake Bluff, IL with my husband and my son.

Before turning my passion and hobby into a business I worked as a for a large law firms and multinational companies as a successful corporate attorney.

I had the privilege to grow up in a family where we had a homemade meal daily. It also happened that my mom had an amazing corporate career but would also find ways for us to eat real food daily. We would be next to my mom every night while she was cooking because we wanted to spend time with her. Naturally, those long hours in the kitchen talking about our days and homework while she was making dinner, turned into me helping her out with the food preparation and to be very opinionated about food (among other things). I remember when I was around twelve years old my mom would call me from her office and ask me to help her start making dinner. I just loved that and this was a very natural dynamic in my family. I consider myself very lucky and I felt this was normal. 

To be honest, this is one of the nicest things that I love from my culture, cooking together, spending time in the table conversations before and after dinners. We call that “sobremesa” , it doesn't have a proper translation but it means something like this: spending time with people in the table after eating. This is something that I think about frequently now that I live with my own family in the United States.

Now that I am a mom and I am on the other side, the one with the responsibility to feed not only myself but my family, I listen to many people complaining they don’t have time to cook and also that they are in a constant rush and feel exhausted when they get back home. I can definitely relate to that feeling today but also back to my childhood, because my parents who worked long hours did experience the lack of time and being tired to put a meal together back then too, but, I also happened to see how my family found the way to cook almost every night. 

Some very personal reflections of why cooking real food at home has become almost a lost art -aside from the very busy agendas-: i) It’s probably difficult to learn to cook when you didn’t have the ‘in house’ experience; ii) it can be hard and even terrifying to put a meal together when you don’t practice the art of cooking often; iii) maybe you did grow in a family where a member of it cooked but you didn’t feel in love with it; and iv) the exponential growth of industrial pre made frozen dinners, processed foods and fast food joints and had made us believe that what they offer is truly “natural”, “healthy”, “like home”, “organic”, etc. etc. 

Fortunately and on the other side, I there is an increasing awareness about what we are putting into our table and in the end, no matter what your diet is (Paleo, Gluten Free, Plant Based, etc. etc), a need to go back to to the kitchen, to eat real food! By real food I mean food is actually made at home, with no shortcuts. It can be simple or really elaborate, but it is truly made at home. 

So, what happens now? Many find themselves trying to get into the kitchen, maybe because they want to or, why not, because they feel the commitment to go back to make real food for them and/or their family.

What is my main goal?

I want people to cook more!!! To find the time to make their own meals! I want to show you that you can put together a great meal in a very short amount of time, less time that will take you to go to a drive thru or waiting for a meal at a restaurant!! And, if by no means you can or want to get into the kitchen, I can also provide you with real food meals. 

I believe that not matter what your definition of “healthy” is, anyone would agree that real food, surpasses by far anything processed.